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The Ultimate Estate Planner, Inc. was formed by Philip J. Kavesh in September 2004 under the business name, The "Missing Link" Boot Camp, Inc., which was initially designed to provide estate planning attorneys and financial advisors an intensive, all-inclusive, 2-day training where both advisors were linked together to implement new, cutting-edge trust products and effectively learn how to create a successful multi-disciplinary model, integrating both estate and financial services under one roof.

However, in 2007, the company has since expanded upon these original Boot Camps to provide practical, tested and proven technical and marketing products to help estate planning professionals of all kinds - - attorneys, financial advisors, CPAs, and life insurance agents - - throughout the country build their practices. The Ultimate Estate Planner, Inc. offers a variety of resources to estate planning professionals, including educational teleconferences with some of the nation’s leading experts on a variety of topics, unique and cutting-edge legal document forms like the IRA Inheritance Trust®, seminar marketing products, practice-building tools, and much more!

All of the products, programs and services available through The Ultimate Estate Planner are provided by practitioners that have successful estate planning practices and who are actually in the trenches, working with clients and running their own businesses.

The Ultimate Estate Planner came out of a long-time aspiration of Phil’s to give back to the estate planning community and save his fellow colleagues a great deal of time, expense, and headaches of having to learn by trial-and-error. The Ultimate Estate Planner helps give estate planners the resources they need to provide their clients the best possible estate planning available.


We have a number of tools and resources to help estate planners of all designations.




If you're still not sure about what it is that we do or what we might have that can assist you and your practice, you have the opportunity to schedule a free 30-minute consultation with our Executive Director, Kristina Schneider.  For more information, click here.