Unique Legal Document Forms & Technical Training

Legal documents might seem standard, but any estate planning attorney that has seen the shoddy work out there
knows that all document provisions are not the same!

As of January 2019, The Ultimate Estate Planner, Inc. will no longer be licensing or selling the following legal document forms:
Revocable Living Trust including our unique Personal Asset TrustSM, The IRA Inheritance Trust®, The Flexible ILIT, and the Personal Residence Trust.

We highly recommend you consider the legal forms provided by WealthCounsel, LLC through their Wealth DocsX® system.

We still have the following forms available for you to license and purchase.

The Successor Trustee Manual

This is one of our most popular, easy-to-implement and best-selling products!  Get this plain-English manual that will help your clients and their Successor Trustees!


The OBIT Trust

Nationally renowned attorney, Edwin P. Morrow III, has put together this unique trust strategy known as the "OBIT" and the "Upstream OBIT" to help clients ' beneficiaries save significant capital gains taxes!


The JEST Trust

Estate planning attorney, Alan S. Gassman, has made available his "JEST" Trust—a trust strategy designed to help married clients in non-community property states to preserve their wealth and save income taxes through a "double step-up"! No joke! ☺


The Ultimate Pet Trust

Nationally renowned estate planning attorney and Pet Trust expert, Eden Rose Brown, has assembled a unique pet trust document form (both as a standalone trust, as well as language needed for your basic Living Trust) to better protect your clients' furry friends!


The Single Member LLC

Estate planning attorney, Mason Salisbury, has developed the Single Member LLC document form for you be able to prepare these key asset protection and estate tax saving legal documents for your clients!


Would You Like to Monetize
Your Trust Documents?

Do you have a unique trust document that you would like to license to other estate planning attorneys? Let us help!


I followed Phil’s HIPAA Upgrade System exactly as he lays out to do so and in a couple of months, we had 40 of my 500+ clients send checks in for the update, which has generated about $20,000 of additional revenue for me and my firm. I had to hire an additional legal assistant to work on this project. We plan on sending out a second follow-up letter to generate additional revenue!

Stephen O’Neill

Estate Planning Attorney

Providence, Rhode Island

It’s only been 2 weeks since we started marketing Phil’s HIPAA Amendment Package and we have already made $20,000 with 72 responses from only 417 letters sent out. We’ve got a lot more to send out too! We can’t thank Phil and his team for all of their hard work and help to allow us to make more money. We really appreciate all of the great advice and this product to help us service and monetize our existing client database!

Molly Guidry

Office Manager for Estate Planning Services

Arlington, Texas

I am thankful every day since meeting Phil back in Las Vegas in 1993. His systems, systems, systems are great! We are a 2-lawyer firm and we started utilizing Phil Kavesh’s Personal Asset Trust back in October 2005. In just under a year, we prepared over 200 PATs and 2006 was one of the highest grossing years in my firm’s 29 years of existence! Also, I saw the huge potential to update our clients’ trusts with Phil’s HIPAA Amendment and we made in excess of $350,000 just marketing this feature to our existing client database. Our clients absolutely love the features of the PAT and HIPAA Amendments we are now using thanks to Phil’s Living Trust Legal Document Form Package. I can’t thank Phil enough for showing me the way!

Bruce Kiselstein

Estate Planning Attorney

Mt. Prospect, Illinois