The 2012 Completed Gift DAPT Marketing & Sales Kit

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Want to Sell More Completed Gift Domestic Asset Protection Trusts?

One of the nation’s most successful estate planning and asset protection attorneys will not only show you how he does it, but he’ll give you his exact tested and proven words, phrases and explanations to use - - and you won’t even have to memorize them!

Do you talk to high-net-worth prospects about estate tax planning, but can’t seem to move them to action? You may know about Completed Gift Domestic Asset Protection Trusts (“DAPTs”) and other advanced-level planning techniques, but technical knowledge alone isn’t enough to turn these high-net-worth prospects into clients! Whether you’re a CPA, insurance agent, financial advisor or estate planning attorney, you need to know how to quickly and easily

  • Spot the right prospect for a particular estate tax reduction technique
  • Explain the technique simply, in a way that the prospect understands it and will want to do it!
  • Overcome the most common objections to moving forward
  • Recognize and address the key design traps, up front, so you can properly complete the case (and get paid) or refer it to a specialist!

You CAN learn all of this quickly and easily, thanks to renowned estate planning and asset protection attorney, Steven J. Oshins, and his special Completed Gift DAPT Marketing & Sales Kit.  Click the “Details” tab for more information about what’s all included in this package.

What’s Included in the Completed Gift DAPT Marketing & Sales Kit?

The Steve Oshins Completed Gift DAPT Marketing & Sales Kit comes complete with the following items:

  • The “How to Market & Explain Completed Gift DAPTs” CD.  An entertaining 37-minute one-on-one sales interview from 2012 between Ultimate Estate Planner President, Philip J. Kavesh, Esq. and Steve Oshins on how to market, sell and explain Completed Gift DAPTs.
  • Sales Transcript. The complete transcript of the sales interview so you don’t need to take the time and effort to listen to them and take notes of what he said. With a transcript, you can easily follow along with the audio recording and quickly read, highlight and mark it up with notes as you see fit.
  • PowerPoint Slides. You will receive a set of PowerPoint slides (11 slides) to use as a visual aid to help present Completed Gift DAPTs to clients and prospects without having to memorize everything Steve says on the recording. These slides can be used in one-on-one meetings or added to other seminars you may already have (or may have purchased from us). You can easily modify and brand these slides to your firm and use this visual aid to help you to quickly and simply summarize the key benefits and selling points of moving forward with Completed Gift DAPTs!

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