Developing Successful Attorney & Financial Advisor Referral Relationships Package

Whether you’re an estate planning attorney or a financial advisor, you have probably found yourself frustrated at some point trying to work with your local referral sources.

Perhaps you give referrals, but never get any back? Perhaps you consistently get client referrals but then the clients aren’t motivated enough to either keep their appointment with you or move forward with you? Or, perhaps you stopped getting referrals from a local professional and are left wondering why? (Psst…we hate to tell you this, but they just might be referring to another professional that they felt could better service their clients! Ouch!)

If you aren’t consistently receiving well-qualified client referrals from a local referral source each month, then maybe it’s time for you to realize that you simply don’t have the proper referral “system” in place and that what you’re doing simply isn’t working! The good news is that there is a tested and proven successful referral relationship system that actually works - - one you can learn and implement quickly, rather than continuing to rely on trial and error!

Nationally renowned estate planning attorney and Ultimate Estate Planner President, Philip J. Kavesh has over 25 years of actual, hands-on experience in building the practices of successful estate planning attorneys, as well as million dollar producer financial advisors, through the referral process. He knows exactly what works and what doesn’t and has put together a very affordable package to give you all of the tools that you will need in order to help you get the systems in place to begin developing a successful estate planning attorney and financial advisor referral relationship that actually works!

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What’s Included in the Developing a Successful Estate Planning Attorney & Financial Advisor Referral Relationship Package?

The Developing a Successful Estate Planning Attorney & Financial Advisor Referral Relationship Package comes complete with the following items:

  • 2-part Training Series “How to Substantially Increase Your Revenue (and Retire Financially Secure Someday) through a Successful Referral Relationship” which includes the handout materials and the audio recording to a 120-minute and a 60-minute educational presentation where Phil will walk you through everything you need to know about how to set-up, develop and implement a successful referral relationship.
  • Phil’s Tips for Developing Successful Referral Relationships including a 12-page transcript of an actual attorney training of his associate attorneys on how to properly refer clients over to a financial advisor. What to say, what not to say, how to do the “hand-off”, how to discuss financial planning with the client, handling objections and much more!
  • Client Referral Forms to help you successfully, legally and ethically refer clients, including:
    • Client Permission Slip – A simple form that is signed by the client to give the attorney the appropriate authorization to share certain information that is otherwise prohibited due to attorney-client confidentiality.
    • Consumer Rights Disclosure – This form was reviewed and approved by a former California ethics attorney and judge, providing clients a description of the nature of the referral relationship that allows attorney and financial advisor to legally and ethically make all disclosures necessary and required to adhere to appropriate Rules of Professional Conduct.
    • Financial Lobby Quiz– A simple 1-page quiz given to clients while waiting to meet with the attorney that helps identify needs for financial planning and solidifies the need to schedule a free meeting with an affiliated financial advisor to review a variety of financial, insurance and investment planning for the client.
  • Modifiable Sample Contract based on the actual contract between Phil and an affiliated financial advisor to model your potential arrangement between attorney and financial advisor referral source.
  • Confidentiality Agreement to help keep all information shared between referring parties confidential, including marketing materials, trade secrets and other proprietary information.
  • Guidelines for Office Setup to help you understand how to set up your offices with the appropriate signage and rules and regulations to ensure that proper steps are taken to legally and ethically share office space.

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