VOLUME 1, BOOK 1: Establish a Firm Customer Service Process and See Your Profits (and Quality of Life) Dramatically Improve!

If You’re Missing This,
Your Practice Can’t Be Running at Maximum Efficiency
(and Generating Maximum Profits!)

Have you placed into writing, very clearly and in detail, every step of contact and service that a client goes through, starting with marketing and going all the way to the client’s death (and beyond, with the client’s beneficiaries)?

And has each of those steps been broken down into mini-steps?

Furthermore, is it clear to each and every member of your firm who is responsible for each of these mini-steps?

If you can’t immediately answer “YES!” to all three of these questions, that’s okay. Because you’ve got a great practice building opportunity. By clearly establishing your firm’s customer service process, you can:

  • Get work done more efficiently at all levels of your firm
  • Improve attention to details and overall work quality
  • Improve client satisfaction (and the number of new client referrals you get!)
  • Better manage your firm’s activities (and delegate most daily supervision)
  • Increase firm morale (because each person will understand his or her role in the big picture, as well as his or her individual duties and responsibilities)
  • Give your firm a marketing edge (by explaining your unique customer service process to prospective clients)
  • And, best of all, enjoy consistent and predictable cash flow and profits!

So, how do you go about putting together this detailed, step-by-step Customer Service Process? The good news is, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Nationally renowned estate planning attorney, Philip J. Kavesh, has put together a very special 90-minute training program entitled, “Establish a Firm Customer Service Process and See Your Profits (and Quality of Life) Dramatically Improve!”

For the first time ever, Phil will go in detail, step-by-step, through the tested and proven Customer Service Process he has developed and utilized over the last 30+ years and has been instrumental to his law firm’s success. He will even share some of his firm’s invaluable internal checklists and forms.

Whether you are just starting to build your estate planning practice, or have a mature and successful one, or you’re at any step in between - - and even if you believe that your firm’s marketing, services and staffing are different from Phil’s - - you’ll be able to benefit from his tested and proven “model”, tweak it to fit your practice and use it to improve your quality of life and your bottom line.


This unique Training Program includes the following:

  • Handout Materials and Exhibits
  • A 90-minute Audio Recording (either MP3 or Audio CD, depending on which option you choose)
  • An Unedited Transcript

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This training is Book 1 of Volume 1 (Infrastructure) of The Ultimate Practice-Building Library.

The Library includes over twenty 90-minute training programs that will teach you how to successfully run and manage an estate planning law firm.  You will learn everything you never did from law school about how to actually run a successful business.