VOLUME 1, BOOK 2: 10 Steps to Successfully Finding, Hiring, Training & Managing Excellent Support Staff

Are You Successful at
Finding, Hiring, Training & Managing
Excellent Support Staff?

(By the way: If you don’t know the answer or don’t care, you should!)

If you’re like most estate planning professionals - - whether a CPA, financial advisor, life agent or attorney - - you want to spend most of your time, marketing, meeting with clients or practicing your technical craft, not dealing with staff issues.

Unfortunately, if your business is going to successfully grow (and you’re going to enjoy a better quality of life), at some point you’ll need great support staff to help you! You may avoid finding, hiring, training, and managing staff because you simply don’t know how, don’t have the time, or believe it’s just too hard to do - - but that doesn’t have to be the case.

Nationally renowned estate planning attorney Philip Kavesh, who has over 35+ years of experience in running a successful law business, has put together a special 90-minute training program entitled, “10 Steps to Successfully Finding, Hiring, Training & Managing Excellent Support Staff”.

During this training, Phil will go over in detail exactly what you need to know:

  • How hiring, training and management of staff can be done successfully with the least amount of your time and expense!
  • The way to properly grow a staff organization that will run itself!
  • Which positions you should hire staff for - - first, second and third - - and when!
  • How to fit the right person to the job, rather than the other way around!
  • The key tools you must use, including an organizational “blueprint”, individual duties list, training manuals and procedures manuals (including examples to get you started) - - and how to use them!
  • A simple and effective, step-by-step checklist system for finding and hiring the right person
  • How to set up and use management (accountability) reports, along with examples to get you started
  • How to clean up or clear out some of your existing staff “messes”
  • And much, much more!


This unique Training Program includes the following:

  • Handout Materials and Exhibits
  • A 90-minute Audio Recording (either MP3 or Audio CD, depending on which option you choose)
  • An Unedited Transcript

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This training is Book 1 of Volume 2 (Infrastructure) of The Ultimate Practice-Building Library.

The Library includes over twenty 90-minute training programs that will teach you how to successfully run and manage an estate planning law firm.  You will learn everything you never did from law school about how to actually run a successful business.