IRA Inheritance Trust® Legal Document Form & Technical Training Package

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One of the biggest breakthroughs in estate planning in the past few years was the creation of a standalone trust instrument for IRAs, 401(k)’s and other retirement assets. This trust strategy, which effectively is described as a “Living Trust for an IRASM, was not only created to provide better estate planning options for retirement assets, but the Internal Revenue Service also gave its stamp of approval on the strategy back in 2005 (see PLR200537044).

Estate planning attorney, Philip Kavesh, developed the IRA Inheritance Trust® and has not only drafted hundreds of these trusts for his clients, but he’s also tested the strategy through the proper post-death administration of this trust for his clients as well. And now, this unique planning strategy is available for other attorneys across the country as well through our IRA Inheritance Trust® Legal Document Form & Training Package.

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What’s included in The IRA Inheritance Trust® Legal Document Form & Training Package?

The IRA Inheritance Trust® Legal Document Form & Training Package comes with the following items:

Modifiable documents:

  • Single & Married IRA Inheritance Trust® Legal Document Form
  • IRA Inheritance Trust® Beneficiary Designation Form
  • IRA Inheritance Trust® Trust Certification
  • IRA Inheritance Trust® Disclosure Statement
  • IRA Inheritance Trust® Planning Checklist & Intake Form
  • Special Needs Trust language for the IRA Inheritance Trust®
  • Amendments to the Revocable Living Trust Document (for the IRA Inheritance Trust®)

Technical Training Module, including:

  • 2.5 Hour Technical Training Audio
  • IRA Inheritance Trust® FAQ’s
  • IRA Inheritance Trust® Guidelines for Use
  • Sample Beneficiary Designation Forms & Custodian Hold Harmless Language
  • Various Articles, PLRs & Resources

All of the legal document forms come in a modifiable Microsoft Word format for you to be able to easily modify, edit and assemble (or add to your existing word processing software). NOTE: This is NOT a software program and there are no automated/macro-type functions with our forms. While drafted for Mr. Kavesh’s law firm based out of California, this strategy is based on federal law and has applicability to all states.


  1. Bruce C. Johnson, Esq. - Rockville, MD

    Hi Phil, we meet at Heckerling and I bought the IRA Trust package. Out of the park grand slam ! Have made over $22,000 since January on the IRA Trust! Could you send me more detailed info on Cap. Gains Trust and the Irrevocable Trust package. Is the Irrevocable Trust a Spousal lifetime access trust? From on line stuff I cant tell.

    Thanks !!!


  2. Greg Turza, Attorney

    I’ve had great success selling the IRA Inheritance Trust as people come in for your Living Trust planning. As a matter of fact, I’ve never NOT sold one! It’s only been a very short time since I got the package and I’ve already sold 8 trusts so far!

  3. Rick Law, Attorney

    A huge thanks to Phil for making these materials available. We are making a lot of money right now utilizing his IRA Inheritance Trust®.

  4. Al Vacek, Attorney

    The IRA Inheritance Trust® is the best thing since sliced butter! I’ve been using Phil’s legal form since he started licensing it to attorneys back in 2004 and we’ve sold hundreds of them! Thank you, Phil!

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