The Ultimate IRA Beneficiary Trust Bundle Package

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IRA Beneficiary Trusts have become one of the best-selling estate planning strategies next to the Living Trust.  Understanding this unique planning strategy is not quite as simple as Living Trust planning.  Plus, you can have a trust form and a firm understanding of how to draft these trusts, but it doesn’t matter if you have no clients to draft them for!  Get everything that you need to successfully implement this strategy - - including the legal document form, technical training on drafting and post-death implementation, and marketing and selling standalone IRA Beneficiary Trusts - - into your practice!

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What’s Included in The Ultimate IRA Beneficiary Trust Bundle Package?

This bundle package combines all of the products that an estate planning professional will need to start implementing the unique IRA Beneficiary Trust planning strategy into your own practice.  This bundle package includes the following products:

  • “How to Market & Sell More IRA Beneficiary Trusts” Training
    You won’t have an IRA Beneficiary Trust to draft if you don’t know how to market and sell them! Find out how best to market, explain and sell more IRA Beneficiary Trusts - - even in your one-on-one meetings - - in this unique 90-minute training program!
  • “The Traps & Tricks of Drafting IRA Beneficiary Trusts” Training
    IRA Beneficiary Trust planning can be tricky if you don’t understand all of the decisions and factors that need to be considered when putting together a plan for your clients. Why not learn from the guy that created this trust concept in the first place? In this 90-minute educational program, you will walk away with a much better understanding of how to properly draft an IRA Beneficiary Trust!
  • “Proper Post-Death Administration of IRA Beneficiary Trusts” Training
    If you just started drafting IRA Beneficiary Trusts, you most likely don’t have any clients that have passed away yet, but you will eventually. Understanding and knowing the various steps and deadlines you must meet during the administration of an IRA Beneficiary Trust is crucial. Add this 90-minute program to your library of resources so that when the time comes, you have this available (and many have found this program helpful in understanding how to draft IRA Trusts too!)

This entire bundle package is valued at over $6,000, but is available to you at a significantly reduced price when purchased together in this package!


  1. Albert Vacek, Esq.

    The IRA Inheritance Trust® is the best thing since sliced butter! I’ve been using Phil’s legal form since he started licensing it to attorneys back in 2004 and we’ve sold hundreds of them! Thank you, Phil!

  2. Rick Law, Esq.

    A huge thanks to Phil for making these materials available. We are making a lot of money right now utilizing his IRA Inheritance Trust®.

  3. Mark Perkins, Esq.

    We used Phil’s IRA Trust Seminar for our clients and it was a HUGE hit! We made 25 appointments and now I’m starting to do IRA Trusts. Thank you for making this stuff available. Your materials are great!

  4. John Martin, Esq.

    Phil, thank you so much! I must tell you that your materials are excellent, and I appreciate you taking time to answer my questions.

  5. Diane Kiepe, Esq.

    THANK YOU! First of all I have to say FINALLY someone gave me insight on post death admin! I have presented on the topic of IRA Trusts 3 times this year – am a huge fan and, as geeky as it sounds, feel like we need to spread the word! That being said, my practice is young both in terms of years practicing and in terms of most my client base. In terms of IRA Trusts, I’ve asked so many Investment folk what admin looks like post death and I have gotten anything from a blank stare to “just like any other trust” – neither of these are helpful and can I say the later is just not correct? I now realize the attorney’s role post death is much more proactive and involved then I had realized. I so appreciate your seminar.

  6. Greg Turza, Attorney

    I’ve had great success selling the IRA Inheritance Trust as people come in for your Living Trust planning. As a matter of fact, I’ve never NOT sold one! It’s only been a very short time since I got the package and I’ve already sold 8 trusts so far!

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Already have a Standalone IRA Trust form?

No problem!  We’ve created a Bundle Package with all of the items included in this bundle package except for the IRA Inheritance Trust® Legal Document Form & Technical Training Package.  This way, you get everything that you need to understand how to draft, administer, market and sell them!