VOLUME 1, BOOK 3: The 10 Steps You Need to Know to Find, Hire, Train, Manage & Keep Great Associates

Would your life be better if…

You Know How to
Hire, Train, Manage & Keep
Great Associate Attorneys?

If you have ever had trouble hiring, training, managing and keeping associate attorneys or you’re thinking about adding an associate attorney and don’t know how, we understand what you’re going through.

In order for our company President, estate planning attorney Philip Kavesh, to build his solo estate planning practice into a successful business (and avoid a mental and physical breakdown), he realized that he had to bring aboard great associate attorneys.  But he soon found out that it was easier said than done.

He made all of these mistakes (which you may have too, or you may be about to make):

  • Seeking and hiring associates the wrong way - - primarily based on experience and technical expertise!
  • Failing to set very specific, measurable goals for associates, right from the start
  • Thinking you can just sit them at a desk and put them to work without daily training, supervision and accountability
  • Believing that this training and supervision will take up too much of your time and actually hurt your bottom line!
  • Believing you can motivate associate attorneys to work harder and stay longer (so you can make a return on your investment!) by simply providing a good salary and comfortable work environment

Fortunately, Phil somehow overcome these mistakes, through years of trial and error.  Phil did learn how to find, hire, train, manage and incentivize not just “good” associate attorneys, but excellent ones!  Better yet, Phil gets to enjoy only the parts of the practice he loves and only has to come into the office a few hours a week!

You can do this, too - - by learning from his mistakes rather than your own!

Nationally renowned estate planning attorney Philip Kavesh, who has over 35+ years of experience in running a successful law practice, has put together a very unique 90-minute training program entitled, “The 10 Steps You Need to Know to Find, Hire, Train, Manage & Keep Great Associates”.

During this training, Phil will go over in detail exactly what you need to know:

  • When is the best time to hire an associate attorney and why
  • What to look for and not to look for when hiring an associate (including a sample advertisement to use to attract the right attorney and a checklist to use in the job interview)
  • Who should conduct the interview process and how (HINT: It’s probably not who you think it should be!)
  • How to train and mentor the new associate with the least amount of your time!  (including Phil’s “Attorney Success Guide”, a detailed Training Schedule and 3-Day Associate “Crash Course” Outline)
  • How to set up detailed monitoring systems that assure accountability and keep you informed and in control of your bottom line!  (Including Sample Daily and Weekly Status Reports and a Periodic Review “Report Card”).
  • And much more, including the opportunity to ask questions and have Phil help solve your current practice-management and practice-building challenges!


This unique Training Program includes the following:

  • Handout Materials and Exhibits
  • A 90-minute Audio Recording (either MP3 or Audio CD, depending on which option you choose)
  • An Unedited Transcript

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This training is Book 1 of Volume 3 (Infrastructure) of The Ultimate Practice-Building Library.

The Library includes over twenty 90-minute training programs that will teach you how to successfully run and manage an estate planning law firm.  You will learn everything you never did from law school about how to actually run a successful business.