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Business Succession Planning

Most all advisors are aware of the importance of succession planning for business owners - - but how many actually understand and properly address the key issues involved? Do you? Take a quick diagnostic. Are you familiar with (and able to clearly address with clients) all these issues involved in business succession planning?

Operating the Business Issues:

• Why and how to convince the parents to “play dead”

• Why the parents should start an independent board of directors

• The many different needs for liquidity that the parents don’t wish to address

Contractual Issues:

• Addressing and solving the problem of “inside” vs. “outside” children

• Arbitration vs. Mediation vs. Independent Director vs. Other Solutions

• Phantom Stock for key non-family members

Estate Tax Issues:

• Recapitalization to create non-voting stock; a transfer of non-managing membership interests; frozen

partnership interests

• Private annuities, GRATs and other techniques to allow parents to transfer ownership but retain

income and control

Estate Plan Issues:

• When to have the parents make a “Bar Mitzvah”-type DVD

• The role of a Private Trust Company

• How to take into account gifts of business interests made many years before the surviving parent’s

death when equalizing the non-business children

• How to handle the problem of date of death valuation for estate tax (low) vs. date of death valuation

for purposes of equalization among the children (realistic)

Asset Protection Issues:

• Protecting the parents’ wealth from business problems

• Protecting the business from the parents’ problems

• Protecting the business from the children’s foolish choices

• Protecting the children from their own foolish choices

Whether you’re a financial advisor, insurance agent, CPA or estate planning attorney, and regardless of your current level of expertise, find out what you “need to know” about Business Succession Planning by joining

us and renowned estate planning, tax and asset protection attorney, Bruce Givner, Esq. for a special 60-minute program.

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Bruce Givner

Bruce Givner

Bruce Givner, Esq. is an estate and tax planning attorney of the Law Firm of Givner and Kaye, located in Los Angeles, California. Mr. Givner graduated from U.C.L.A., Columbia University Law School, and N.Y.U.’s Graduate Tax Law Program and specializes in the area of asset protection and advanced estate planning. He has personally worked with Mr. Philip Kavesh for over 30 years and continues to serve “of counsel” to Mr. Kavesh’s law firm, Kavesh, Minor and Otis, Inc. Mr. Givner has been cited as a “tax expert” by the U.S. Tax Court, the California Court of Appeals, and the Wall…


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